Honest Auto Repair in Bend is Worth the Drive

Honest Auto Repair in Bend is Worth the DriveA long-time customer of Three Peaks Auto Service who recently moved to Idaho was blown away when she visited a new auto shop only to have them tell her that her vehicle was in dire need of repairs. The above list is what they handed to her after they gave her Honda van a quick once over. In shock she decided to make the five hour drive back to our Bend auto repair shop to double check the issues, as this did not seem at all right to her.

Our team is glad she made the journey back, as we love helping return customers who have found that we value honesty far more than making an extra buck. After our team completed a thorough analysis of her vehicle we found that her van didn't need half of the things the shop in her new town said it did. In the picture, only the circled items were what her vehicle would require to remain safe and reliable, a far cry from the numerous services that other facility tried to trick her into getting.

At Three Peaks Auto Service we know that we have to battle a stigma of unfair practices that hangs over the independent auto repair shop industry in order to keep our doors open, but battle it we will. We've built our business on honesty, integrity and good old fashioned customer service. Not only were we able to save this customer hundreds of dollars, but we'll do the same for anybody who believes they've been told their car needs unnecessary repairs.

Customers recognize that our team is honest and are willing to make the drive for proper care. We have numerous out of town clients who make special trips just to ensure their car is getting only what it needs and nothing it doesn't. That's the type of work we do at Three Peaks Auto Service.

The next time you believe you need auto repair in Bend or the surrounding area, whether that's 15 minutes or 5 hours away, we hope you'll make the trip to come see us. We'll give you our honest answer about your vehicle's condition and the auto repairs and maintenance it actually will need to stay safe. To learn more about how we can help or to schedule an appointment for superior auto repair in Bend give us a call at (541) 389-3332 today.

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