Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you change your oil?

Due to the severe driving conditions we see in the Pacific Northwest, Three Peaks Auto recommends a lube, oil & filter (oil change) every 3,000 miles using conventional motor oil.

We also recommend, 5,000 mile oil change intervals using synthetic motor oils.

What’s the difference between Three Peaks Auto Service and dealerships?

The difference is experience, quality and honesty, with over 25 years experience, factory trained, Master ASF certified and college educated at Three Peaks Auto, you know your car will be in good hands.

How often should I get my brakes checked?

Due to our extreme road conditions, we recommend having your brakes checked semi-annually.  We are happy to do that and all service here at Three Peaks Auto, as well as a periodic service schedule, as per your car manufacturers recommendations.

Why is it important to do regular service on my vehicle?

Your auto/truck manufacturers service schedules are important for top performance and reliability.  This helps ensure your vehicle will run better and last longer.  It also helps identify potential hazard/problem areas before they become critical.

Also, in most cases, this is less expensive than breakdowns.

How do I detect a burned out turn signal?

A turn signal that blinks faster, or one that is supposed to be on but never blinks, are both indicators. If you notice your turn signal behaving this way, that’s a warning from your car that one of the turn signal bulbs is burned out. Not all cars have these burn-out indication features though, so make be sure to inspect your vehicle periodically.

What are some symptoms that I need new wiper blades?

Smearing, smudging, streaking, rubbing, scraping on your windshield. If your swooshes don’t sound right, look right, or, most importantly, if you can’t see well when your blades go back and forth, it’s time for a wiper replacement.

How long do light bulbs typically last?

Bulb life varies, so it’s important to get your vehicle inspected on a regular basis. We can spot burn-outs with our free courtesy check which is available with any service – even a routine oil change. Ask for a free courtesy check next time you’re in and we’ll visually inspect your ride, including all the lights. If a bulb is out or weak, we’ll let you know – and bring back the shine.

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